Wart treatment in doctor’s office

Caused by the virus Human Papillomavirus, warts are contagious growths of skin that can appear everywhere on the body. Because warts often cause embarrassment and distress and due to fact they can spread to other parts of the body and even to other people, those affected by warts should eliminate them as soon as they appear. These protuberances should not be picked, cut or ripped up, because they can increase in size, bleed and leave an unsightly scar. Wartrol is a natural solution that helps the patients eliminate warts safely at home. You can either choose this natural method to get rid of warts or you can go in a doctor’s office for a wart treatment and remove warts in a professional manner.

What wart treatment do you prefer?

wartrol cryotherapy 6Warts often cause irritation, pain and embarrassment, reason why adults choose to treat them instead of not doing anything about it. When warts occur on the soles of the feet, they can cause serious pain and make from walking or standing a difficult situation. There are multiple ways to eliminate the manifestations of the Human Papillomavirus. You can use a wart treatment at home – Wartrol – or you can go at the doctor, who will remove it through cryotherapy, curettage, electrosurgery or laser surgery. Some doctors remove warts with medicines like Imiquimod, Cantharidin or Tretinoin cream, but the wart treatment depends on its type, size and the area where wart appeared.

Cryotherapy is actually one of the standard treatments that can be performed in a doctor’s office. This method involves using liquid nitrogen or other very cold substance that will freeze the wart. Despite the fact is will not take too long, this method is painful. The worst thing about this process is that it has to be repeated by up to 3-4 times with 1-3 weeks pause between applications. There are some over-the-counter treatments that freeze warts, but they cannot be applied on genital warts and they also leave permanent scars.

Curettage represents the surgical removing of the wart. It involves using a special tool that will cut or scrap the wart. Because this method is painful, some doctors use anesthetic. Yet scars will remain and in many cases warts will reoccur in the same place.

Electrosurgery involves burning the skin where Human Papillomavirus manifests as a growth of skin. An electrical charge will be sent through the tip of a needle, drying and burning off the wart. But this procedure cannot be used on large areas of warts and it should be performed only after local anesthesia. To ensure the effectiveness of the wart treatment, many doctors combine curettage with electrosurgery procedure.

Laser surgery is selected only when medicine has failed, during pregnancy, when warts are widespread or they have a large size. But patients who undergo this procedure should expect severe pain, bleeding that might last more than one week and even fever. This method uses an intense beam of light – laser – that will kill the wart and it usually demands local anesthesia. Risks are involved when using this wart treatment and complications may appear: discharge of pus, swelling, redness, severe pain, heat and tenderness. Though it normally does not cause scarring, it is quite expensive and it is certainly not recommended as an initial treatment for warts.wartrol doctor 6

Imiquimod is a cream prescribed by the doctor and this substance boosts immune system so it can eliminate viruses, warts and cancerous cells. This method is used on very stubborn warts found in genital area, but the treatment has to be used for about 4 months in order to be effective. Because warts can reoccur in the exact same place, people should use extra treatment to prevent warts from coming back.

Cantharidin is a substance derived from the green blister beetle. If you go to the doctor for a wart treatment, he might apply cantharidin on your wart then put a bandage to cover it. The wart will come off with the blistered skin and your doctor will remove the wart together with the dead skin. In most cases, this method is not painful, but it might be necessary to repeat this treatment in order to efficiently remove the wart. It is not suitable for genital warts and people with diabetes or with circulatory problems should not use this substance. Because it is not quite safe and it can cause numerous negative side effects, not all doctors recommend using this wart treatment.

Tretinoin cream can be used at home, but this wart treatment requires medical prescription. This substance will disrupt the wart’s skin cell growth, but it can cause allergic reactions and changes in skin’s color. Use it as recommended and do not take it together with other treatments, because severe problems can occur.

Wartrol is a highly effective treatment that can be used safely at home. This wart treatment eliminates quickly warts without causing pain and without living scars. If you have an annoying wart and you wish to get quick relief from it, use Wartrol. This powerful treatment will remove it within only a few days and you will get rid of the embarrassing wart forever.