Useful tricks to get rid of warts

Warts are those stubborn and unsightly growths of skin that can appear almost anywhere on the body, causing irritation, embarrassment and even depression. Warts are caused by the virus known as Human Papillomavirus and they are contagious and difficult to eliminate. Thankfully, these unsightly lumps can be banished with a lot of patience, diligence and proper tools in the comfort of home.

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Although these bumps can be eliminated surgically, with laser or through other methods, with the help of a doctor, you can also get rid of warts with ingredients you have at home, if you follow a few useful tricks.

Propolis is a wonderful ingredient with antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. If you apply Propolis tincture on a bandage a few times per day for 4-8 days, warts will be completely gone. Repeat this process even if the wart has disappeared because they may reappear.

Tea Tree Oil is a powerful antiseptic that kills viruses and bacteria, thus being a potent weapon to fight against warts. Apply this ingredient on a bandage and refresh it every day until the wart will disappear completely. You can mix it with Castor Oil and enhance its potency to kill the virus. However, Tea Tree Oil alone is very efficient against all kinds of warts, reason why numerous over-the-counter wart removals contain it in their composition.

Iodine tincture or Betadine will leave a temporary stain on your skin, but it is a very effective and cheap method to eliminate warts without experiencing any pain. All you have to do is apply Iodine tincture on your wart a few times per day and within days your warts will just fall off.

Because Clove Tree belongs to the same botanical family as Tea Tree, Clove Oil also has strong antiseptic and anti-infectious effects. It is useful against numerous skin problems, but Clove Oil can successfully remove all kinds of warts. Apply this oil directly on the wart – dilute it with some water if it irritates your skin – and cover it with an adhesive band. Repeat this procedure a few days in a row and wart will eventually fall down.

Duct tape is often a great way to get rid of warts. Although scientists say it’s more like a placebo, by covering the wart with a small strip of duct tape and leaving it on for six days will help you take away the warts. After these six days, remove the tape and soak the wart in water. When the skin has become very soft, use a pumice stone or emory board to gently debride the wart. The disadvantage of this method is that it can last a few months until it will show positive results and wart will be completely gone.

Banana peel it is believed to be a big help in removing warts. Rub a Banana peel on the wart every day for several weeks and you may get rid of the unpleasant lump.

Milkweed juice provides outstanding results in eliminating warts, especially if it is applied diligently on a bandage for several days. Make sure you apply Milkweed juice a few times per day and change the bandage once per day. In only a few days, warts will be gone and your skin will be again smooth and supple.

Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to eliminate even the most stubborn protuberances of skin caused by Human Papillomavirus. This useful trick is quite affordable and effortless to follow. All you need to do is soak a cotton ball in some Apple Cider Vinegar, apply it on the wart and hold it in place with some tape. If you keep the cotton ball soaked and change it every day for about a week, your annoying wart will be vanished.

Aloe Vera Gel applied on a cotton ball and fixed on the wart with some tape is an easy and efficient way to get rid of warts. Aloe Vera has antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects and it will boost the immune system to fight against the wart virus. But you have to add Aloe Vera Gel on the wart every few hours if you want to remain with a smooth and supple skin where you had the unpleasant growth of skin.

Castor Oil is considered to be an efficient wart removal remedy. All you have to do is apply Castor Oil on the wart, massage it gently for a few minutes to allow it penetrate the surface of the wart and repeat this process for several weeks, until the warts will be banished.

Numerous other ingredients you have at home can prove to be very effective in helping you eliminate warts safely and in a natural way. Either you decide to follow these useful tricks that can last from several days to a couple of months or if you just use Wartrol for only a few days and completely eliminate warts, you have to remove these unpleasant lumps because they are contagious and unpleasant.

Eliminate warts in the comfort of your home with Wartrol and get rid of warts immediately without having to experience pain or other negative side effects!