Wart treatment in doctor’s office

Caused by the virus Human Papillomavirus, warts are contagious growths of skin that can appear everywhere on the body. Because warts often cause embarrassment and distress and due to fact they can spread to other parts of the body and even to other people, those affected by warts should eliminate them as soon as they appear. These protuberances should not be picked, cut or ripped up, because they can increase in size, bleed and leave an unsightly scar. Wartrol is a natural solution that helps the patients eliminate warts safely at home. You can either choose this natural method to get rid of warts or you can go in a doctor’s office for a wart treatment and remove warts in a professional manner.

What wart treatment do you prefer?

wartrol cryotherapy 6Warts often cause irritation, pain and embarrassment, reason why adults choose to treat them instead of not doing anything about it. When warts occur on the soles of the feet, they can cause serious pain and make from walking or standing a difficult situation. There are multiple ways to eliminate the manifestations of the Human Papillomavirus. You can use a wart treatment at home – Wartrol – or you can go at the doctor, who will remove it through cryotherapy, curettage, electrosurgery or laser surgery. Some doctors remove warts with medicines like Imiquimod, Cantharidin or Tretinoin cream, but the wart treatment depends on its type, size and the area where wart appeared.

Cryotherapy is actually one of the standard treatments that can be performed in a doctor’s office. This method involves using liquid nitrogen or other very cold substance that will freeze the wart. Despite the fact is will not take too long, this method is painful. The worst thing about this process is that it has to be repeated by up to 3-4 times with 1-3 weeks pause between applications. There are some over-the-counter treatments that freeze warts, but they cannot be applied on genital warts and they also leave permanent scars.

Curettage represents the surgical removing of the wart. It involves using a special tool that will cut or scrap the wart. Because this method is painful, some doctors use anesthetic. Yet scars will remain and in many cases warts will reoccur in the same place.

Electrosurgery involves burning the skin where Human Papillomavirus manifests as a growth of skin. An electrical charge will be sent through the tip of a needle, drying and burning off the wart. But this procedure cannot be used on large areas of warts and it should be performed only after local anesthesia. To ensure the effectiveness of the wart treatment, many doctors combine curettage with electrosurgery procedure.

Laser surgery is selected only when medicine has failed, during pregnancy, when warts are widespread or they have a large size. But patients who undergo this procedure should expect severe pain, bleeding that might last more than one week and even fever. This method uses an intense beam of light – laser – that will kill the wart and it usually demands local anesthesia. Risks are involved when using this wart treatment and complications may appear: discharge of pus, swelling, redness, severe pain, heat and tenderness. Though it normally does not cause scarring, it is quite expensive and it is certainly not recommended as an initial treatment for warts.wartrol doctor 6

Imiquimod is a cream prescribed by the doctor and this substance boosts immune system so it can eliminate viruses, warts and cancerous cells. This method is used on very stubborn warts found in genital area, but the treatment has to be used for about 4 months in order to be effective. Because warts can reoccur in the exact same place, people should use extra treatment to prevent warts from coming back.

Cantharidin is a substance derived from the green blister beetle. If you go to the doctor for a wart treatment, he might apply cantharidin on your wart then put a bandage to cover it. The wart will come off with the blistered skin and your doctor will remove the wart together with the dead skin. In most cases, this method is not painful, but it might be necessary to repeat this treatment in order to efficiently remove the wart. It is not suitable for genital warts and people with diabetes or with circulatory problems should not use this substance. Because it is not quite safe and it can cause numerous negative side effects, not all doctors recommend using this wart treatment.

Tretinoin cream can be used at home, but this wart treatment requires medical prescription. This substance will disrupt the wart’s skin cell growth, but it can cause allergic reactions and changes in skin’s color. Use it as recommended and do not take it together with other treatments, because severe problems can occur.

Wartrol is a highly effective treatment that can be used safely at home. This wart treatment eliminates quickly warts without causing pain and without living scars. If you have an annoying wart and you wish to get quick relief from it, use Wartrol. This powerful treatment will remove it within only a few days and you will get rid of the embarrassing wart forever.

Remove warts at home

They say you can recognize an evil witch by the huge wart she has on her nose. Even though it is a funny thing from stories for children, having a wart is not funny at all, especially when it appears on your face. When warts occur on nose, it is a nightmare, not a fairy tale! Thankfully, these unpleasant growths of skin can be removed in a safe and healthy way with Wartrol in the comfort of your home. This natural wart remover will not cause any negative side effects and it will eliminate warts safely without leaving any scars.

wartrol wart on noseSome people compare warts to those annoying relatives that do not want to leave your home, despite all of your efforts to send them away – far away. Caused by a virus that is contagious and spreads easily (Human Papillomavirus), warts appear almost anywhere on the body. Despite the fact that they are benign protuberances of skin, with various shapes, textures and sizes, warts can cause itchiness, pain and embarrassment. Removing them is mandatory not just because they are unsightly and they can spread everywhere else on the body, but because they can also affect people around you, too.

How can you remove warts with Wartrol?

Wartrol is a natural treatment that offers quick relief to unsightly warts without causing adverse effects and without leaving scars. Containing Salicylic Acid, one of the most powerful substances hat fights against warts, this efficient wart removal melts the wart within just a few days, banishing the wart completely and preventing its spreading to other parts of the body. Because they can appear on fingers, hands, neck, face, nose, lips, eyelids, genitals, chest, abdomen, feet and soles of the feet, causing embarrassment, irritation and even depression, you have to remove warts with Wartrol as soon as possible and prevent them from getting bigger and even more unsightly.

Using this powerful treatment does not involve paying a visit to the doctor. You can safely remove warts at your home with Wartrol, this highly effective over-the-counter wart remover. All you have to do is apply a small quantity of the solution directly on your wart, using the special applicator. You have to let it penetrate the wart and do not remove the solution for at least half an hour. By applying the solution three times per day for several days, warts will be completely gone, because they will fall off alone. You should not pick or cut it, especially if you do not want to end up with a nasty scar.

Most people who decide to eliminate warts with the professional assistance of a doctor will get to regret their decision, because the lumps will be removed through painful methods and they will also get a scar. But Wartrol does not involve any pain and warts will be successfully removed in only a few days, at home.

Make sure you have Wartrol and remove warts as soon as you notice their appearance. These bumps are quite stubborn and some of them might require a longer period of treatment. But if this wart remover is used as instructed and with patience, warts will be gone and your skin will look smooth, supple and beautiful again. Say goodbye to unsightly warts and embarrassment caused by them! Apply Wartrol and safely banish warts in the comfort of your home.

Banish warts with the best wart removal

When we are children and we have these unpleasant signs on our hands or fingers, it does not affect us so much. Warts come and go on their own when we are children, without requiring certain treatments and solutions. But when warts affect the adults’ skin, these annoying bumps occur in the worst possible places: our neck, eyelids and even on the soles of our feet, causing pain and distress. This time, warts are stubborn and will not go on their own, reason why we have to make use of a powerful wart removal to banish these lumps.

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Wartrol is a very efficient wart removal that penetrates the bump and dries it in a safe way. The natural ingredients include din its formula will get to the root of the bump, killing it and supporting the consumers eliminate safely the wart. Having in its composition Salicylic Acid, one of the most powerful weapons against warts, Wartrol succeeds to eliminate completely warts within days, helping the consumers regain their confidence and quality of life.

Warts are contagious and they can be transmitted from one place to another and even to other people. These bumps are actually caused by Human Papillomavirus, which cannot be cured. There are almost 130 strains of this virus, but only some of them can cause warts, but they cannot trigger cancer. The strains that can lead to cancer will not cause warts. There are some vaccines that can prevent the infections by the types of the virus that increase the risk for cancer, but these vaccines do not guarantee that you will be protected against warts.

If you have any warts on your body – yes, unfortunately they can appear almost everywhere on the body, not just on your face, hands or on the soles of your feet – you have to eliminate them as soon as possible to prevent its spreading and to make sure your self-esteem will not be affected. Warts can have this effect on people, but by using a highly effective wart removal like Wartrol you will keep these lumps under control.

All you have to do is apply a small amount of Wartrol solution directly and only on your wart, wait for about one minute to let it dry and do not wash the area affected. Repeat this process about 3 times per day and your wart will soon be gone, while you will experience zero negative side effects. The great thing about this treatment is that it also alleviates pain, itchiness and soreness associated with warts. However, it should be used solely for common and plantar warts. People with poor blood circulation should talk to their doctor before using this effective wart removal.

Wartrol will prove to be effective on stubborn warts that did not go away on their own. But you should use this wart removal diligently and with patience, because older warts – especially those found on the soles of the feet – have considerable roots and might be even more stubborn than others. If you want to regain your confidence and banish forever the lumps that cause you embarrassment and pain, use Wartrol. This amazing wart removal will help you keep warts under control and you will no longer be distressed by unsightly lumps on your skin.

Tips to identify and destroy warts

Though they are quite common in people of all genders, ages and races, warts are unsightly, annoying and embarrassing. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, also known as HPV, which is a contagious virus that enters the skin through tiny cuts and scratches.

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Warts are small harmless tumors that appear on the surface of the skin and they can have numerous different shapes and appearances, depending on its location on the body. Being frequent found in children and young adults, warts usually go on their own, because the immune system of the body defeats the virus and kills the wart.

However, when warts are stubborn and do not want to go away, they can cause embarrassment and anxiety. Knowing that they are contagious and that they can spread to other parts of the body and even to other people, it is vital to treat them and eliminate them as soon as they appear on the body. But you have to make sure the warts are properly diagnosed before following the treatment meant to destroy them.

Here are some important details regarding how to identify warts and how to destroy them with fast and effective treatment:

Common warts – appear like rough bumps, cauliflower-like, with little black dots that look like seeds. This type of wart grows most often on the fingers and on the back of the hands. But it can appear on almost any part of the body, including knees and knuckles.

Plantar warts – are hard lumps that can be painful and which have multiple black specks in the center. They appear on the soles of the feet, on the pressure points. They grow into the skin, not outward, like common warts.

Flat warts – occur on knees, wrists, neck, back, hands and face. This type of wart appears like a small, smooth flattened protuberance, flesh- colored and usually in large numbers, in the beard area and on legs.

Filiform warts – also known as digitate warts, they look like thin fingers or long threads that stick out. They are smaller than other types of warts and appear mostly on face, eyelids, lips and around the nose.

Periungual warts – appear in group, look like cauliflower and occur around the nails.

Mosaic warts – are a group of tightly clustered warts that look like plantar warts, but they appear mostly on the soles of the feet and on the hands.

Genital warts – or venereal warts, they occur on the genitalia. They can vary in appearance, but they usually appear as cauliflower-like bumps.

If warts are left untreated or if they are cut and picked, they can increase in size and become even harder to treat. Warts are stubborn and can cause bleeding, pain and itchiness, but they can be removed safely and in an efficient way with Wartrol.

If you want to pay a visit to the doctor for a medical assistance, he will tell you whether you have a wart just by looking at it. In some cases, a skin biopsy will be required for a proper diagnosis. Thus, the doctor will remove the wart and send it to a lab, where the scientists will analyze it under the microscope and determine the exact type of wart. The skin biopsy is a quick and safe procedure and it should not cause any concerns.

Regardless of what type of wart affects your self-esteem, you can get rid of the unpleasant bump with Wartrol in the comfort of your home. Wartrol is a safe, effective and natural over the counter treatment that eliminates warts and prevents their reoccurrence. The ingredients contained will penetrate the surface of skin and go to the root of the wart to stop its developing and to prevent it from spreading. In only a few days of use, Wartrol will completely eliminate the wart and skin will remain smooth and supple, without any scars.

Destroy warts before they would spread to other parts of your body and make sure that they will not come back on your skin. Use Wartrol to safely remove warts in a natural way and banish forever those unsightly lumps!

Useful tricks to get rid of warts

Warts are those stubborn and unsightly growths of skin that can appear almost anywhere on the body, causing irritation, embarrassment and even depression. Warts are caused by the virus known as Human Papillomavirus and they are contagious and difficult to eliminate. Thankfully, these unsightly lumps can be banished with a lot of patience, diligence and proper tools in the comfort of home.

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Although these bumps can be eliminated surgically, with laser or through other methods, with the help of a doctor, you can also get rid of warts with ingredients you have at home, if you follow a few useful tricks.

Propolis is a wonderful ingredient with antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. If you apply Propolis tincture on a bandage a few times per day for 4-8 days, warts will be completely gone. Repeat this process even if the wart has disappeared because they may reappear.

Tea Tree Oil is a powerful antiseptic that kills viruses and bacteria, thus being a potent weapon to fight against warts. Apply this ingredient on a bandage and refresh it every day until the wart will disappear completely. You can mix it with Castor Oil and enhance its potency to kill the virus. However, Tea Tree Oil alone is very efficient against all kinds of warts, reason why numerous over-the-counter wart removals contain it in their composition.

Iodine tincture or Betadine will leave a temporary stain on your skin, but it is a very effective and cheap method to eliminate warts without experiencing any pain. All you have to do is apply Iodine tincture on your wart a few times per day and within days your warts will just fall off.

Because Clove Tree belongs to the same botanical family as Tea Tree, Clove Oil also has strong antiseptic and anti-infectious effects. It is useful against numerous skin problems, but Clove Oil can successfully remove all kinds of warts. Apply this oil directly on the wart – dilute it with some water if it irritates your skin – and cover it with an adhesive band. Repeat this procedure a few days in a row and wart will eventually fall down.

Duct tape is often a great way to get rid of warts. Although scientists say it’s more like a placebo, by covering the wart with a small strip of duct tape and leaving it on for six days will help you take away the warts. After these six days, remove the tape and soak the wart in water. When the skin has become very soft, use a pumice stone or emory board to gently debride the wart. The disadvantage of this method is that it can last a few months until it will show positive results and wart will be completely gone.

Banana peel it is believed to be a big help in removing warts. Rub a Banana peel on the wart every day for several weeks and you may get rid of the unpleasant lump.

Milkweed juice provides outstanding results in eliminating warts, especially if it is applied diligently on a bandage for several days. Make sure you apply Milkweed juice a few times per day and change the bandage once per day. In only a few days, warts will be gone and your skin will be again smooth and supple.

Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to eliminate even the most stubborn protuberances of skin caused by Human Papillomavirus. This useful trick is quite affordable and effortless to follow. All you need to do is soak a cotton ball in some Apple Cider Vinegar, apply it on the wart and hold it in place with some tape. If you keep the cotton ball soaked and change it every day for about a week, your annoying wart will be vanished.

Aloe Vera Gel applied on a cotton ball and fixed on the wart with some tape is an easy and efficient way to get rid of warts. Aloe Vera has antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects and it will boost the immune system to fight against the wart virus. But you have to add Aloe Vera Gel on the wart every few hours if you want to remain with a smooth and supple skin where you had the unpleasant growth of skin.

Castor Oil is considered to be an efficient wart removal remedy. All you have to do is apply Castor Oil on the wart, massage it gently for a few minutes to allow it penetrate the surface of the wart and repeat this process for several weeks, until the warts will be banished.

Numerous other ingredients you have at home can prove to be very effective in helping you eliminate warts safely and in a natural way. Either you decide to follow these useful tricks that can last from several days to a couple of months or if you just use Wartrol for only a few days and completely eliminate warts, you have to remove these unpleasant lumps because they are contagious and unpleasant.

Eliminate warts in the comfort of your home with Wartrol and get rid of warts immediately without having to experience pain or other negative side effects!

Eliminate plantar warts

Even from the moment we wake up in the morning until it is late night, when we go to sleep, our feet are on the move. Either we have to walk all day, drive, dance, climb the stairs or move from the office to the printer, the burdens fall on our feet. Our soles of the feet have to keep up to support us maintain our daily activities, but when plantar warts occur, just the simple act of standing becomes unbearable.

plantar warts 1

Caused by the virus known as Human Papillomavirus or HPV, plantar warts are rough, spongy protuberances of skin on the soles of the feet.  They are yellow, brown or gray and have dark pinpoints. Plantar warts often appear on weight-bearing pressure points on the soles of the feet, such as balls of feet and heels and they can be very painful.

Wartrol is a homeopathic treatment developed to eliminate warts. Having powerful ingredients that remove the clusters of growths that are warts, Wartrol eliminates and prevents the re-occurrence of warts. Although Human Papillomavirus can spread and warts are contagious, with Wartrol the warts will be kept under control and warts will not spread to other parts of the body.

Warts can spread to other people through direct contact. Even though some people do not have warts, they can still transmit the virus to others. There are more types of HPV and warts can appear on any parts of the body, not only on the soles of the feet. Warts can invade our face, hands, knees, neck, genitalia, toes and fingers, but if we eliminate them when they appear, we will stop their development and prevent them from spreading.

Applied solely on the wart twice a day with the special applicator, Wartrol will penetrate the plantar warts and will dry it, until it will fall down. Patients should not tear, cut or pick the warts because they can increase in size and become even more painful. Wartrol will reduce the discomfort associated with plantar warts and the consumers will be able to stand or walk again without feeling tortured.

If they are left untreated, warts can grow to more than an inch in diameter and they can spread to clusters of warts and even to your other foot, so it is very important to deal with it as soon as you notice its appearance. If you use Wartrol even from the occurrence of warts, it will be easier to remove it and you will also prevent its spreading to other parts of the body or to somebody else.

Wartrol is a powerful treatment that offers safe and fast relief to warts in the comfort of home without causing negative side effects. However, some patients choose to get rid of warts with the help of doctors, through electrical destruction, laser, freezing or surgical removal. But these methods usually involve pain, side effects and a greater cost.

Home-made remedies can also help you get rid of warts without having to visit your doctor. Make sure you truly have a plantar wart before applying the home-made remedies on the painful growths on your soles of the feet. Apple cider vinegar, milkweed, fresh basil leaves, banana mash, dandelions, raw honey and even potato are ingredients with potent effects against warts. But these home-made remedies have to be used a few times a day for several weeks in order to work and effectively remove the plantar warts.

If you are looking for a solution that offers quick, efficient and safe relief to warts, use Wartrol. But you have to be patient with older warts, because they have strong and resistant roots. Use Wartrol diligently and you will soon get rid of warts with this powerful over-the-counter wart remover.

Strengthen you immune system and keep in mind that preventing is significantly easier than fighting against warts. But if you notice the first signs of the appearance of warts on the soles of your feet, use Wartrol. Wartrol can be efficiently used on any kinds of warts, not only on plantar warts and within days, your feet will be brand new.

Keep your feet in top shape with Wartrol. This OTC wart remover will help you forget about the unsightly and painful plantar warts and you will certainly enjoy waking again without feeling tortured.

Get warts under control

You cannot get warts from kissing a frog and hoping it will turn into your prince/princess. But it is true that you can actually get warts through direct contact with your prince/princess.

wartrol 1

Warts are little bumps of various shapes and sizes that can appear almost everywhere on our body and which are caused by Human Papillomavirus, also known as HPV. There are more types of HPVs, causing different types of warts that can spread on other parts of the body and even to other persons.

Among the numerous products that claim to remove warts, Wartrol is one of the most popular over-the-counter treatments that can be used safely in the comfort of home. Wartrol has been designed to quickly remove the warts from the body and to stop their development and spreading.

Children are more likely to develop them because their immune systems are less developed and due to fact they keep picking and tearing these lumps, which can only worsen the problem. Warts appear almost everywhere on the body, including arms, hands, feet, soles  of the feet, face, neck, knees and genitalia.

There are more types of warts, depending on the area of skin affected and how they look. Common warts, flat warts, mosaic warts, filiform warts or plantar warts, they can all be removed safely with Wartrol. This over-the-counter treatment works effectively and safely and it does not cause any negative side effects.

Wartrol can be used to safely remove all kinds of warts, from any parts of the body. It is made of ingredients that penetrate their surface and kill it, leading to shrinkage of warts until they will eventually fall off. But warts should not be cut, picked or tear down because they can increase in size and grow even more unsightly.

You can have warts under control with Wartrol. Although it will not eliminate the virus from the body, because there is not cure for it, warts will no longer invade your body and you will get rid of these unpleasant bumps without harming your health.

Wartrol contains in its highly effective formula Salicylic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Polysorbate 80 and Ethyl alcohol, ingredients that break down the cells of wart and eliminate them completely without leaving any scars. Due to this natural treatment, the virus will be restrained from spreading to other parts of the body and the incidence of symptoms will be reduced.wartrol 2

But this product has to be applied only on the surface of the bump with the applicator brush because the ingredients can cause burning sensations and irritate the healthy skin. Some warts can be removed within days, while others are more stubborn and require months of treatment. It depends on its size, location and lifespan.

If you want to eliminate warts safely, without ending with scars and without undergoing surgery or other painful methods, you should opt for Wartrol. This efficient over-the-counter can be used even on children and it will remove warts within days if it is used as recommended.

Warts look unsightly and they may make you hide your hands, but with Wartrol your hands will be beautiful again. Do not let warts control your life. Get them under control with Wartrol and eliminate those unpleasant protuberances!